Is Your Environment More of a Culture of Growth or a Culture of Genius?

Take Our Mindset Culture Cues Audit to Find Out

Every company, organization, classroom, team and group has a Mindset Culture:  the beliefs and behaviors that signal what success is, how to achieve it, and who can be successful. And these Mindset Cultures shape our thoughts, feelings, behavior, and performance.

The best way to identify the Mindset Culture of your context is to conduct a cues audit. Here is an abbreviated version of the one we use with groups that you can take today.

This quiz will help you discover where your group sits along the Mindset Culture Continuum between a strong Culture of Genius and a strong Culture of Growth. And remember, you can redo the assessment any time with different groups in mind (e.g., your family, your classroom, your club, your team, your organization as a whole).

This assessment consists of 15 questions, and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Before you begin the assessment, pick a specific group or context to have in mind– it could be your workplace, your project team, your family, your kid’s classroom, or any other context where people work together toward a common goal. 

For each question, you’ll see two descriptions. Slide the circle toward the description that rings more true for your group. The more the description sounds like your group, the further you should slide on the bar.

← Slide more this way if this description is accurate Slide more this way if this description is more accurate →
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