Environments of Growth

At the heart of Mary's research is the understanding that each one of us thrives differently in various cultural settings. Whether it's in a team-focused work environment, a family-centric atmosphere, or any other unique milieu, our growth mindset can shape and be shaped by the cultures we immerse ourselves in.

Mindset exists on a continuum. And where we fall on that continuum at any given moment often has to do with the situation we’re in and the people around us.

Think about a time when you've felt the most empowered to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself, even when you fail. Where were you? At home? In your workplace, practicing a hobby or engaging in your community?
Now is there a time when you've felt you had to perform. Where you either passed or failed, when your abilities determined your success, not your ability to grow into those abilities. Where were you then?
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