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    This newsletter is about how the cultures and contexts that surround us—in our close relationships, our families, our schools, our workplaces, and in other groups we regularly interact with—shape us. And what science says about how we can be catalysts of positive change in these cultures.

  • Access to our discussion from SXSW Edu

    Join Dr. Carol Dweck and me for a conversation reflecting on decades of mindset research and its transformation into Cultures of Growth. We'll discuss the evolution of fixed and growth mindsets, how they've been misunderstood, and why mindset cultures are crucial for students’ motivation, learning, and wellbeing—especially for those from historically marginalized groups. We'll also explore how Cultures of Growth impact teachers' experiences.

  • A reflection guide to accompany you through each chapter of Cultures of Growth

    With carefully curated questions and exercises, this guide empowers you to apply the book's teachings to your own life, making it a practical tool for personal, team, and organizational growth and development.

  • An implementation guide to create your own Cultures of Growth.

    We’ve distilled much of the actionable advice of the book into these core questions and tangible strategies to serve as a useful implementation guide to anyone who is creating their own Culture of Growth.

  • Tools to help you transform yourself and your culture

    Find out about yourself and your own Mindset Triggers, and learn whether your environment (e.g., your family, classroom, club, team, and/or your organization as a whole) is more of a Culture of Growth or Culture of Genius with these free tools.

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