What Was YOUR Covid Project? Here’s Mine…

Remember when the world suddenly decided to hit the pause button? When most of us were mastering the art of Zoom meetings in pajamas or trying out every banana bread recipe on the planet? (I swear, there’s a black hole of banana bread recipes online…)

Before our collective coffee break, I was deeply immersed in the transformative world of mindset cultures. The dance between individual mindsets, the spirit of teams, and the overarching perspectives of organizations had always fascinated me. 

But as we all paused and the echoes of our pre-COVID lives became distant, an idea began to take shape in my mind. With all the research I had, why not turn it into an actionable guide in the form of a book? Because, honestly, haven’t we all wondered, “How can I make my workplace feel less like a never-ending episode of ‘Survivor’ and more like a thriving collaborative haven?”

Thus, the vision of Cultures of Growth came alive. A dream to shift the spotlight from those environments where everyone is expected to perform or be left behind to recognizing and nurturing the potential in everyone.

I’m excited to announce that my COVID project became a book that is an exploration into these cultures, and will be released everywhere books are sold this March! 🚀 

If you’re as eager as I am, you can pre-order now, or if you’re curious you can read this free excerpt. And trust me when I say, the book is just the beginning. I’ve got a plethora of exciting things planned in the coming months. It’s like the binge-worthy series you never knew you needed!

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